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WAGNER Leichlauföl SAE 10W/40 - 1 Liter
Low-Friction Engine Oil SAE 10W/40
Semi-synthetic, high-alloy low-friction engine oil with outstanding synthetic and mineral base oils. Due to its share in synthesis, WAGNER Low-Friction Engine Oil SAE 10W/40 has outstanding smooth-running properties and thus ensures less friction when starting the engine in cold condition. The reduced friction losses when using this oil increase the engine power and help to...
Content 1 litre(s)
From €9.90 *
WAGNER Classic Engine Oil SAE 10W/40 Premium 1 litre
Classic Engine Oil SAE 10W/40 Premium
Semi-synthetic high-performance engine oil of the latest generation for petrol and diesel engines. The use of this high-quality engine oil offers maximum protection against sludge, coking and varnish formation of the engine interior and guarantees a clean, residue-free motor. The selected base oils and additives do not damage white metals, non-ferrous alloys and sealing...
Content 1 litre(s)
From €12.90 *