About us

WAGNER has been producing specialized lubricants for over 20 years - including oils, oil additives, greases, etc.  During this long period, WAGNER has focused on improving the ability of oils and additives to reduce wear.  The advancements made by WAGNER have revolutionized the lubricant industry and continue to set quality standards

Wear – The downfall of every machine

Before founding his company, Walter Wagner trained as an industrial and instrument mechanic at a large door manufacturer. After his apprenticeship, he was responsible for the maintenance of modern production facilities and had to face a growing problem- High wear on machines which resulted in high repair costs.

Reason for increased wear?

It turned out that the lubricants being used were the main cause of the wear Mr. Wagner was seeing on the machines he maintained. The oils themselves were of good quality, but they could not sufficiently meet the increased speed and load demands required by modern machines. 

Finding a Solution-Optimizing Lubricants

Walter Wagner took the high quality lubricants being used and searched for ways to optimize them and after countless tests found a solution!  Wagner Spezialschmierstoffe was born and soon met with great success!

Creating New Alternatives for the Automotive Industry

Growing from his focus on industrial oils Mr. Wagner decided to take what he learned about reducing wear and apply it to the automotive industry.   The result was a group of products that brought a level of wear reduction never before seen to passenger cars, heavy trucks, and high performance vehicles.  No matter your vehicle, Wagner has the right oil to provide you the best performance and protection.

New Boom - Classic Cars!

In the early 1990s, a further field of activity was added:  modern oils for older vehicles. The lubricant industry had adapted its oils to modern requirements leaving enthusiasts of classic and vintage vehicles struggling to get the correct oils for their vintage engines, gearboxes, differentials, etc. The oils and lubricants specified in the original manuals no longer existed.  

What next?

Seeing the problem, Walter Wagner worked on the optimization and adaptation of lubricants for the older technology. He developed a complete product range for the maintenance of classic vehicles and specialized in classic car lubricants – “the right lubricant for every vehicle.” Not an easy task with regard to the large number of foreign and domestic car manufacturers.

An Expert in Classic Car Lubricants

WAGNER Classic Oil offers professional lubrication advice for all kinds of classic vehicles free and without obligation. As a specialist with decades of experience, Walter Wagner is happy to advise you personally! We have a multitude of lubrication charts in our library to guarantee that we will find the right lubricant for each vehicle.  By the way-- Our archive contains lubrication charts for vehicles from the First World War to the present day.

An All-Embracing Range of Lubricants

WAGNER Classic Oil is the largest and oldest supplier of special lubricants for classic cars in Germany. The completeness of its range cannot be compared to any other in this industry. WAGNER produces:
Additives, Bactofin, Diesel oils, single-grade racing oil, solid lubricant oil, greases & pastes,  antifreeze agents, fork and damper oil, gear box sealing agent, gear box interior cleaner, fluid grease for gear, gear oil, gear oil for automatic transmission, gear oil for limited-slipped differentials, HD oils (alloyed), hydraulic oils, anticorrosive grease, anticorrosive oil, fuel system cleaner, cooling lubricants, copper paste, leather care, low-friction gear oil, low-friction oils, longlife oils, multi-grade   racing oil, multi-purpose grease, mineral oil, engine sealing agent, engine interior cleaner, engine oil, multifunction oils, neutral cleaning agent, Bright Stock base oil, oil additive, gear oil for classic cars, oils for classic cars,  2-stroke oil for classic vehicles, oils, racing oils, rust protection, rust converter, tank protection, tank sealing, technical sprays, petrol additive, unalloyed engine oils, racing oil for vintage cars, fully synthetic racing oil and of course 2-stroke oil.

Almost all kind of engine and gear oils of different alloying and even unalloyed oils are available, ensuring that really EVERY vehicle gets its correct lubrication. WAGNER Classic Oil is the partner of the classic car scene. Our specialists are present at nearly all big trade shows and used parts markets.

However, classic cars are not our only specialty; we provide lubricants for all vehicles including buses, motorcycles, trucks, mopeds, historical utility vehicles, tractors etc.

If for a special use case, we do not stock the right lubricant – we will come up with a solution. Describe your problem – and we will find a solution. That´s promised.