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WAGNER Korrosionsschutzöl SAE 30 HD 1 litre
Anti-Corrosive Oil HD SAE 30
High-alloyed mineral motor oil containing special anti-corrosive substances. WAGNER Anti-Corrosive Oil HD SAE 30 is a fully compatible engine oil under extreme conditions of use. It guarantees high corrosion protection with ideal storage...
Content 1 litre(s)
From €11.90 *
WAGNER Rust Converter 250 ml
Rust Converter
Stops rust immediately and removes deep rust layers. WAGNER Rust Converter is a highly concentrated product that, when mixed with water, perfectly removes rust by infiltrating and detaching deep-seated rust layers. No sanding is...
Content 0.25 litre(s) (€47.60 * / 1 litre(s))
From €11.90 *
WAGNER Anticorrosive and Adhesive Grease KH100 400 g
Anticorrosive and Adhesive Grease KH100
Anticorrosive grease on calcium basis. KH100 is characterised by its outstanding protection from corrosion, water resistance as well as its excellent adhesion. Conventional standard lithium greases are far from reaching these features....
Content 0.4 kilogramme (€42.25 * / 1 kilogramme)
From €16.90 *