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WAGNER Octane Booster 1 litre
Octane Booster
Power Booster for petrol. Octane Booster - an eco-friendly fuel additive for 2- and 4-stroke petrol engines. Octane Booster - Petrol’s Octane Value Increases by up to 4 Points Fuel quality varies by supplier, country, and region as...
Content 1 litre(s)
From €27.90 *
WAGNER BactoPlus Bacteria Protection 250 ml
Avoids and stops the formation of microorganisms (bacteria, yeasts, mildew) in fuels (petrol/diesel/biodiesel/DME), heating and plant oils. BactoPlus - highly effective Biocide to Free Fuels from Germs The share of biogenic fuels in...
Content 0.25 litre(s) (€79.60 * / 1 litre(s))
From €19.90 *
WAGNER Carburetor Cleaner 300 ml
Carburetor Cleaner
Fuel additive helping clean the carburetors and injection systems of petrol/gasoline engines. WAGNER Carburetor Cleaner cleans the fuel supply system The highly efficient component removes oil carbon, gum and varnish in the combustion...
Content 0.3 litre(s) (€43.00 * / 1 litre(s))
From €12.90 *
WAGNER 2-Stroke Power-Mix 100 ml
2-Stroke Power-Mix
WAGNER 2-Stroke Power-Mix is a petrol additive for optimizing engine performance and cleanliness of two-stroke engines. 2-Stroke Power-Mix cleans the fuel system Friction-reducing additives reduce the internal friction of the motors and...
Content 0.1 litre(s) (€99.00 * / 1 litre(s))
From €9.90 *
WAGNER Lead Substitue 250 ml
Lead Substitute
WAGNER Lead Substitue for four-stroke petrol engines is a high-performance lubricant allowing the unleaded operation of motors that normally run with leaded fuel. Lead Substitute lubricates valves and valve seats In former times, lead...
Content 0.25 litre(s) (€31.60 * / 1 litre(s))
From €7.90 *
WAGNER Bactofin Fuel Stabilizer- 250 ml
Bactofin Fuel Stabilizer
Fuel additive for two- and four-stroke petrol engines protects from corrosion and wear and cleans efficiently the complete fuel supply system. Ethanol – the problem of modern fuel Due to the increased quantity of biofuel added, water can...
Content 0.1 litre(s) (€79.00 * / 1 litre(s))
From €7.90 *