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WAGNER Diesel Particle Filter Cleaner DPF Cleaner 300 ml
DPF Cleaner - Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner
Specially formulated additive that optimizes combustion, reduces soot emissions, cleans the fuel systems and extends DPF lifespans. The problem For vehicles that are mainly used for short distances, the filter is clogged with soot to a...
Content 0.3 litre(s) (€49.67 * / 1 litre(s))
From €14.90 *
Diesel Winter Antifreeze
Diesel Winter Antifreeze
Flow improver protecting diesel fuels and domestic fuel oils from paraffin precipitations due to cold. WAGNER Diesel Winter Antifreeze protects from paraffin separation The paraffin contained in diesel can crystallize in the cold - it...
Content 1 litre(s)
From €19.90 *
WAGNER Injector-Cleaner 300 ml
Specialized additive formula for the complete cleaning of diesel injectors and the entire fueling system. WAGNER Injector-Cleaner cleans the fuel supply system Highly effective detergents and active ingredients remove oil, carbon, and...
Content 0.3 litre(s) (€33.00 * / 1 litre(s))
From €9.90 *
WAGNER Diesel-Additive 250 ml
Fuel additive for two- and four-stroke diesel engines protects from corrosion and wear. Furthermore, it cleans the entire fuel system. Diesel Additive prevents diesel bug and cleans the complete fuel system Diesel bug is the result of...
Content 0.25 litre(s) (€59.60 * / 1 litre(s))
From €14.90 *