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WAGNER Diesel Particle Filter Cleaner DPF Cleaner 300 ml
DPF Cleaner - Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner
Specially formulated additive that optimizes combustion, reduces soot emissions, cleans the fuel systems and extends DPF lifespans. The problem For vehicles that are mainly used for short distances, the filter is clogged with soot to a...
Content 0.3 litre(s) (€49.67 * / 1 litre(s))
From €14.90 *
GLYSANTIN® Classic Engine Coolant-1.5 litre
GLYSANTIN® Classic Engine Coolant
Engine coolant concentrate – that provides protection from corrosion, overheating and frost. GLYSANTIN® ensures that the cooling system of vehicles from the 50s to the 80s work perfectly all year round. GLYSANTIN® Classic is a...
Content 1.5 litre(s) (€10.60 * / 1 litre(s))
From €15.90 *
WAGNER Injector-Cleaner 300 ml
Specialized additive formula for the complete cleaning of diesel injectors and the entire fueling system. WAGNER Injector-Cleaner cleans the fuel supply system Highly effective detergents and active ingredients remove oil, carbon, and...
Content 0.3 litre(s) (€33.00 * / 1 litre(s))
From €9.90 *
WAGNER Carburetor Cleaner 300 ml
Carburettor Cleaner
Fuel additive helping clean the carburettors and injection systems of petrol engines. WAGNER Carburettor Cleaner cleans the fuel supply system The highly efficient component removes oil carbon, gum and varnish in the combustion chamber...
Content 0.3 litre(s) (€43.00 * / 1 litre(s))
From €12.90 *
WAGNER Motor-Cleaner 300 ml
Motor Cleaner
Specially formulated additive designed to clean the lubrication pathways within engines and gearboxes. Application for all Otto, diesel and gas engines various drives with oil lubrication manual and automatic transmissions differentials...
Content 0.3 litre(s) (€43.00 * / 1 litre(s))
From €12.90 *
WAGNER Oil-Stop 100 ml
Specialized product that repairs leaky seals in engines, manual and automatic transmissions, power steering transmissions, differentials and hydraulic systems Application Suitable for use in all gasoline and diesel engines, manual and...
Content 0.1 litre(s) (€99.00 * / 1 litre(s))
From €9.90 *