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Ballistol Universalöl 200ml
Ballistol Universalöl
Das altbewährte und unerreichte Universalöl - schmiert, pflegt, reinigt, schützt, konserviert so gut wie alles in und am Fahrzeug und darüber hinaus. Dank seiner Materialverträglichkeit und Vielseitigkeit besonders für Oldtimer geeignet....
Content 0.2 litre(s) (€44.50 * / 1 litre(s))
From €8.90 *
WAGNER Aqua-Stop Electric Spray 200 ml
Aqua-Stop Electric Spray
Synthetic special grease for electrical contacts. Due to its low internal friction, exceptionally light dynamic properties are achieved, which ensure contact even at very low spring pressure. Reduces contact wear and protects against...
Content 0.2 litre(s) (€84.50 * / 1 litre(s))
€16.90 *
WAGNER Multifunction Oil Spray 400 ml
Multifunction Oil Spray
Corrosion protection and contacting agent as well as rust remover, lubricant and cleaning agent in one product. Loosens rusted and corroded nuts, bolts, chains and tight connections. Cleans and protects against new impurities in one...
Content 0.4 litre(s) (€32.25 * / 1 litre(s))
€12.90 *
WAGNER Chain Adhesive Spray 400 ml
Chain Adhesive Spray
Fully synthetic chain spray for lubricating all types of chains and wherever best lubrication properties are required. Application The product is ideally suited for e.g. toothed wheels and chains on motorcycles, mopeds, mokicks, mopeds,...
Content 0.4 litre(s) (€37.25 * / 1 litre(s))
From €14.90 *
WAGNER PTFE Dry Lubricant Spray 400 ml
PTFE Dry Lubricant Spray
Greaseless dry lubricant for the production of maintenance-free, colourless PTFE dry lubricating films with outstanding separation and sliding properties to prevent wear and sticking and increase abrasion resistance. PTFE Dry Lubricant...
Content 0.4 litre(s) (€37.25 * / 1 litre(s))
€14.90 *